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A Biker's Most Expensive Words

A Biker's Most Expensive Words

I have been riding motorcycle since I was 18 years old, by the time I was 21 I was married to beautiful young girl that loved being on the back of my motorcycle. She would ride on the back of the motorcycle for almost 20 years, travelling through West Kootenays whenever we could escape for a few hours. Suddenly one day while we out on the bike I got this really crazy idea and made the most expensive statement a biker could ever say Hey, I was thinking you should learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Well holy crap, I never expected the financial decline of our account I was about to see. It started immediately, in fact within 2 hours she had decided that my backup motorcycle wasn't good enough for her and off we were looking for another motorcycle. So now within 4 hours, she was already on her second motorcycle. With a big smile on her face there was a Virago 750 sitting in our driveway, and the Yamaha Maxim was back in the garage.

We went down to an area I called the practice area for a few hours, where she discovered the riding gear that she used for years on the back of my motorcycle was no longer good enough. In fact in her first 4 months of riding she had 3 new jackets, 2 new pairs of gloves, and 6 (yes I said 6) helmets.

Six months after getting her license she was looking at my motorcycle one day, which was a new V-Star I bought early in the season, suddenly she declared I am ready for a new motorcycle myself. Off to the local Yamaha shop we went where she bought herself a brand new motorcycle. Now she has owned 3 motorcycles but hasnt yet rode for a year. She managed to keep that bike for the rest of the season, but early in the next spring she decides the 650 motorcycle is no longer big enough for her and she revisits the local Yamaha shop where they have this beautiful red V-Start 1100Just 30 minutes later, the Yamaha dealer is the proud owner of low milage 650 and Eye is sitting on her new V-Star 1100 with an ear to ear grin. She blows us all away with the length of time she keeps this bike, with less than 2000 kms and six weeks later we are taking her motorcycle to Mountain View Harley-Davidson where she has decided she badly needs a brand new Sportster.

This bike goes to Arizona, Las Vegas, California / Oregon Coast, Saskatchewan, and back to Arizona again. The bike lasts almost 2 years before she is finished buying every accessory she wants for her motorcycle. Not only has Eye bought every accessory but she has bought all matching riding gear for the motorcycle, even another matching motorcycle helmet, then it happens she announces Hey I want a touring bike.

It was the middle of winter 2009 but there we were loading her motorcycle into the back of our van to take it down to Chilliwack; to once again trade it in for a new 2009 Road King. Supprisingly the helmet didnt match and yep we ended up buying another helmet to match her new bike. She even tried to convince me that we needed an inflated bubble to store her bike in for winter, but that is where I stepped in and said ok this is getting out of hand.

So if your sitting at home thinking it would be nice for your spouse to learn to ride, be well warned it will be the most expensive words to come out of your mouth. It may also be the most rewarding words you ever say to your spouse.

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