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Heading to Laconia Bike Week? - Don't forget Mt Washington Ride To The Sky

Heading to Laconia Bike Week? - Don't forget Mt Washington Ride To The Sky

I look forward to Laconia Bike Week all year long. While there are other great events like Rendezvous in New York and Daytona Bike Week in Florida, I think that Laconia Bike Week is the best by far. My buddies and I enjoy camping while we are in Laconia. Because it is bike week, most of the people at the camp grounds are bikers. Its like having a friend at every site. With all of the live music, bike shows, and the vendors, Laconia Bike Week is a great time for any motorcycle enthusiast. When you are just stopping by a local burger place for a quick bite, hundreds of bikers are there, talking, showing off their bikes, and admiring all of the bikes in the parking lot. Everywhere you go you is an unofficial bike show.

While all of the events at Laconia Bike Week are great, my favorite event by far is Mt. Washington Ride to the Sky. I remember driving up Mt. Washington with my family when I was a kid. My old man put one of those "I Climbed Mt Washington" bumper stickers on the back of our old station wagon. It was an exciting time as a kid, and I'm sure it was exciting for my old man to take his family up the mountain. During bike week at Laconia, Mt. Washington Ride to the Sky is for bikes only. Families packed up in their station wagons are not allowed up the mountain on that day. Thousands of bikers ride up that mountain and enjoy the scenery as well as the camaraderie with other bikers. Its awesome that for one day, bikes rule the mountain (This years date - Monday, June 15 2017).

The views heading up the mountain and the constantly changing climate is amazing. It takes about 30 minutes to take the 7.6 ascent up the mountain and between 30 to 45 minutes to come back down. The best part is the view from the summit. My buddies and I enjoy sitting up at the top and talk for a while and enjoy the scenery before heading back down the mountain. Anyone heading up to Laconia Bike Week should definitely do the Ride to the Sky. It is a one of a kind experience.

Laconia Bike Week is a week dedicated to bikers. It gets better and better each time I go. Taking over Mt. Washington for a day is an epic experience that any biking enthusiast should check out.

Article Written By Kelli Elizabeth

Special Thanks To  Mt Washington Auto Road (Courtesy of for usage of photographs on this page.

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