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Motorcycle Loud Pipes Save Lifes

Motorcycle Loud Pipes Save Lifes

I am pretty sick of hearing all those caged drivers whine about loud pipes!  And I am not talking about straight pipes, just after market pipes that add to the rumble of the bike. As the caged community seems to be getting more and more backing on this, I wonder out loud how many politians that have voted for noise ordance laws against motorcycles have ever sat their ass on a bike and rode in traffic?

Try this get on the intertstate, drive 70 MPH down the interstate and don’t change lanes, put your music up to it’s normal volume (when you not talking on your phone) and just drive. Tell me where that Harley-Davidson is that is coming up beside you before you hear him? How about the very quite Gold Wing?  I am willing to bet as the HD motorcycle is coming up you hear him, I am also willing to bet you didn’t hear that Gold Wing until he was right beside you. Now since looking over your shoulder to check your blind spot is so difficult for so many people, which one do you think has a better chance of you knowing in your cage that he is beside you?  Yea, the one with the louder pipes. I get cut off less with the Harley than I did with the my other bikes in my past.

As for out in the country, one of the other arguements, I moved to a Harley-Davidson in 2007, after years of riding Honda’s and Yamaha’s, one of the first things I noticed on the HD is how often I caught the attention of the wildlife on the side of the road with the Harley. You are always going to have the wildlife that runs out on to the road, but again since having a bike with louder pipes I have seen much more often where the deer lifts his head and watches me ride past him, than I did when my bikes were fairly silent. Instead of have it happening 3 to 5 times a year, it now happens maybe once.

So before you get on in your cage and whine about how loud our bikes are, think about the fact that when motorcyclists are killed by a car it is a very common thing for the driver to say “I never even saw him there”, well clearly you never heard him either!



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