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There is No Stopping Motorcycle Fever

There is No Stopping Motorcycle Fever

I was sitting around at work one day just discussing anything I could other than a topic that involved work when I discovered a new co-worker also rode motorcycle. Normally that is a great thing, I can talk about motorcycles for hours and forget what I'm supposed to be doing at work and this most certainly would help.

But then something completely out of control happened, Milan said he was going to be buying a new bike.  That was the  moment of no turning back for me, I couldn't stop thinking about getting a new motorcycle. I had already been thinking about it for a few months now, been to the Harley shop for approx100 hours in the last year, and the other shops...well I visited them as well, but had my heart set on my getting my third Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  I even knew what I wanted, a Sportster 883.

I tried to convince myself to wait until October, my wife told me to wait until October...but being a man with motorcycle fever you learn to over come the voices in your head and the wife's screaming, to get the thing that cures motorcycle fever the fastest. So Thursday morning at work, once Milan stopped distracting me about other motorcycles I was able sit down at my desk and do what every person with motorcycle fever thinks of doing, filled out the financing application.

The phone rang just 2 hours later, and then the words to solve this current addition of motorcycle fever came out of the Mike's mouth "Your approved". It was instant recovery from this dreaded disease that seems to attack me on a regular basis in so many different ways.

I got off the phone, and started to dial the wife at work when I thought it wouldn't be fair to tell her over the phone about such a decision, so I texted her with "Hey your going to kill me, but I just got financed for a motorcycle".  She clearly doesn't have the same respect for me when I am at work, because she called me right away.

The conversation was short, really can't say sweet just short. In the end once I told her I was buying an 883 Iron like my first Harley, and not the Road King like my second Harley she calmed down. After all, the Iron isn't that much compared to the Road King I bought last time.

We arrived Saturday morning at Barnes Harley-Davidson in Victoria to complete the deal, accept one little issue...they had customized one of the Iron's and it caught my eye (kind of a play on word here as my wife's nick name is Eye).  They had custom painted the Iron to the Sailor Jerry theme and do you think I could get that out my head? After all, I've been on a boat and my name is Jerry.

It took 4 hours to complete the deal, since I was missing paperwork and had to take my about to be new motorcycle home to get more papers. We completed the deal about 1 o'clock then they make you ring the bell to announce the sale of your motorcycle.  They walked me through every area of the store, introducing me to the different departments on what they call a poker run, this is the most rigged poker run of all time, they change the cards for you if the cards aren't matching and in the end you end up with a nice little gift card.  By 2pm the motorcycle was ready to go, Steve walked me around the bike showing me all the newest features of the motorcycle, insurance was on the bike and all that was left to do was to get my picture taken in front of Barnes Harley-Davidson with Steve, Mike, and of course the wonderful Janette.

Just like always, the experience of buying a motorcycle at Harley-Davidson made you feel appreciated.  Thanks Steve, Mike, and Janette!

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