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Top 5 Things I Want To Experience At Laconia Motorcycle Week

Top 5 Things I Want To Experience At Laconia Motorcycle Week

Laconia Motorcycle Week is one of the biggest week long events in the USA with so much to do and see you likely have to go back to Laconia more than once to get the entire experience of motorcycle week. As I sit and think about heading to Laconia Motorcycle Week I start to plan out my week, what do I want to do the most while I am there. I have created a list of the top 5 things I want to experience when I get to Laconia.

5 -Take the Train - I always like to do something that is a little different outside of the biker norm for other events, and since Daytona and Sturgis don't have a train for me to ride this would be a good one. For just a little over 12 bucks you can round trip in and out of Weirs Beach from Meredith or Lakeport and enjoy the sights of the area including views of Lake Winnipesaukee. This is also a great way to stay in a quieter area but head to Weirs Beach to enjoy a view fuzzy pops!

4 - Loudon Classic Road Race - This is the longest running motorcycle race in America. The roots of Laconia Motorcycle Week can be directly linked to the race.

3 - Ride "The Kanc" - Every good rally has a couple of must do routes, and "The Kanc" is one you need to experience. The Kancamagus Highway is just a little over 34 miles but it will be a ride you will long remember. Read more about the Kancamagus Highway

2 - Ride Mt Washington - You have to do this, an amazing ride up Mt. Washington and for 2 days during motorcycle week the ride up the mountain is shut down to cars. Motorcycle's only! Read more about riding Mt. Washington

1 - Hang out at Weirs Beach - This goes without saying. You want to spend a day visiting the vendors, watching the bikes roll up and down the street. Hundreds maybe thousands of motorcycles are parked along the street, look and see the different Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Victory Motorcycles, custom motorcycles and every other brand of motorcycles that bikers have rode to motorcycle week. People watch, and there is a lot to see when you're people watching in Laconia, bikers are proud to show off tattoos, and their leathers, and in many cases the lack of leathers and desire to display their tats creates great eye candy. This is the center of the action, so have some fun here. If you don't experience Weirs Beach, you won't have received the full Laconia Motorcycle Week experience!

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