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Not Riding Makes Me Grumpy

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Well I am the legend known as Grumpy The Biker (well the wife says I am a legend in my own mind). I live in my house in BC’s interior just a few miles from the US border. A long with pictures of my kids on my walls is pictures of my motorcycle and one of the wife's motorcycle. In another room I have a map of Route 66, and the only picture of a person in that room is one of the wife done up in her riding gear…she’s actually pretty dam hot in my opinion.

I live about 2 hours north of Spokane Washington, and 4 hours outside of Kelowna, BC. During bike season it is not unusual to see me in either city at the local Harley Davidson dealer. I currently own a 2009 Harley Davidson Road King. Although I love my bike, I don’t spend days polishing it up for some candy ass show I get on my bike and ride it whenever… wherever I can. If the day ends and it is dirty and tomorrow somebody wants to go riding I am in. I believe bike shows are the best place to get your motorcycle washed.

Some say I am bit of a racist bastard, but I don’t understand where that comes from I like all bikers the same no matter what they ride…well just about the same. If you think renting a scooter and riding around Vancouver’s downtown core or Waikiki’s beach area makes you a biker then get off my site! You’re no more of a biker than the couple that shows up at Sturgis in June 2, months before the bike rally in their cage buys a shirt from last year’s rally shaking all the way back to the car with the excitement that they have been to Sturgis...then high tails it out of there before they are seen in a biker town! Now don’t think that if you rented a scooter in Waikiki and you ride a real bike back home that I am talking to you because I am not.

I bought my first bike behind my parents back when I was 18 years old, it was a little piece of crap Honda 125 that had been beaten and abused. It was so small that when I doubled my best bud on it and he would lean back we would do a wheelie through downtown Trail. Since then close to 30 years ago I have owned many different bikes, from Honda Hawk’s, Yamaha Maxim’s, to now a Harley Davidson Road King with many others in-between.

I have done many long road trips over the years as well, I have road from Fruitvale BC, to Tucson Arizona, several trips to Sturgis, Fruitvale to Chicago, took the bikes to Dallas Texas for 2 months which we road much of Texas, into Louisiana, and Oklahoma, we rented out of Knoxville TN and rode to Daytona Beach Bikeweek (yes we slayed the dragon on our way), we rode Historical Route 66, Fruitvale BC to Las Vegas Bikefest on several occasions, Highway 1 and 101 along the coast line of California and Oregon, Fruitvale to Grand Canyon trip and hundreds more within BC, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Maybe you have seen me on a road trip! I could be the guy on Highway 395 in Washington State putting gas into my tank while the Ogre and Vampire sit on their bikes pissed that I ran out of gas! Or maybe you saw me transferring gas from my bike to my best buds bike just out of Ione with a turkey baster…side note on this, it doesn’t work very well the gas melts the rubber ball on top of the baster!

Well as you can tell by now if you have read this, I love getting on my motorcycle and heading out on the road. I love sitting in the front room, or the bathroom reading about motorcycles, and finally I love that my wife rides along side of me almost 100% of the time. I would rather have a day of running out of gas on my bike than a day of not being able to ride my bike. So come back often and I will tell you about some of my days. I am sure you will enjoy!

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Stand your ground, dont let them ride it if you dont want them to ride your motorcycle.I have been riding motorcycle for...

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A Motorcycle Journey Along Lewis & Clark Highway

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I Found My Own Stolen Motorcycle

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Laconia Motorcycle Week - The History

Laconia Motorcycle week can be traced back to June of 1916 when a group of motorcycle enthusiasts gathered on Weirs beach...

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Grumpy Road Trips

We have done many road trips that are a day or three long, and here is a collection of pictures from them.!...

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Route 66

Me and my wife took a couple of weeks off of our busy life schedule and did Route 66, oh what a trip!...

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Harley-Davidson All for freedom video.

When Harley-Davidson creates a video, it almost always is a classic.  The All For Freedom video doesn't disappoint....

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Walk around of Grumpy's new motorcycle!

Something about the Harley-Davidson Sportster peanut tank that I just can't get enough of!...

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